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Typical tasks

This chapter describes common problems and examples of solutions using Usgen
N Scenario Example
1 Simple create 300 users with name TestUserXX Where XX is number of users 1..300 Usgen.exe -a -u 300
2 Create 300 users with name LambdaXX Usgen.exe -a -u 300 "Lambda"
3 Create 200 workstations with name JollyXX in the "HR" container (OU) Usgen.exe -a -w 200 "Jolly" "HR"
4 Remove all workstations whose names start with the Jolly from domain container "HR" Usgen.exe -r -w "Jolly" "HR"

Here is an example of the Usgen console output

c:\Usgen.exe -a -u 300
We are going to register 300 users with name template like 'TestUser', OU:Not specified
Processed 100 users..
Processed 200 users..
Processed 300 users..
There are 300 users registered

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