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Usgen is a simple .net utility for domain users and workstations creating.

If you ever developed scalable software products for the corporate environment, you know how it is important and sometimes difficult to test products in a domain environment with many domain objects.
This program is designed to recreate the actual infrastructure of the customer in your test domain environment.
Usgen provides the capability to create any number of domain users and workstations.
Of course you can automate creation of objects in a domain by writing a special powershell or visual basic script but for this you need to have experience and patience. So, if you do not want to spend time learning the powershell or other languages, you can use a simple usgen.

  • Creation of domain users, workstations without limits
  • Removal of domain users, workstations from the domain
  • Support of templates for user names, workstations names
  • Ability to specify domain OU (Domain organization unit)
  • Simple command line interface
There are several requirements for Usgen usage
  1. .net framework 3.5 installed
  2. Computer is a windows domain member
  3. Run Usgen as domain administrator account
Additional details
  • All created users have a blank password
  • All user accounts are available immediately after creation
  • All registered users are members of the users group
Supports the following domain versions

Version Support
Windows 2000 3753
Windows 2003 3753
Windows 2008 3753

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